Every Successful Business Doing SEO Uses These Tricks

As a “Top Company of the Year” winner, we see and hear all sorts of wacky marketing myths and wives tales about advertising, websites, and digital marketing. But the inside tips that we often wish businesses knew are the little things about SEO that are surprisingly easy to do and yet make valuable improvements to an ongoing marketing plan.

Often overlooked or low on a company’s priority list, SEO is critical to your website’s visibility, and is your clearest way to communicate with Google and other search engines in proving your site’s relevance and in directing online traffic to your website over others.

Some of the savviest companies have fallen victim to outdated or untrue information that often confuses the landscape and pushes important strategic efforts to the wayside.

Think of SEO as a process rather than a task to be completed. When your SEO is running at an optimal level, your business will have an edge over the competition. You will drive more people to your site, build stronger connections with your audience, elevate your authority and increase conversions, which means more sales, loyalty and growth for your company.

Here are some of the most surprising things you need to know about SEO, and we’re always happy to share more tips and personalized strategies to help your company upgrade to the next level.

• Finding the right keywords is only half the battle, you still need to have quality content.

• Create content that includes links to outside data and relevant sources.

• Format content for featured snippets by using bullet points, numbered lists, etc.

• Update old content with new links. This lowers the bounce rate, increases relevance and prevents competitors from outranking you.

• Leverage topic clusters around the same subject and link those together. Once you rank a few pages for a topic, Google tends to favor your content over other websites for that topic.

• Guest posts are an excellent way to improve your website authority. Reach out and create opportunities to write content.

• Consistently publish longer-form content.

• Optimizing for voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant will benefit you as the world shifts the way search is being used.

• Support your site’s content and reach more audiences organically by sharing on other channels like social media, Reddit, Medium, etc.

• Remove anything that is slowing down your site on desktop and especially mobile.

• Keep up-to-date on Google’s algorithm and ever-changing trends that affect your customer’s experience on your website.

• Do regular website SEO audits and fix what’s holding your SEO results back.