Go Back in Time and Talk to Customers, Right Now

What did I mean by “go back in time”? Well, thanks to that smartphone we take with us everywhere we go, there’s a wealth of information in that little device that helps make not only our own lives better, but also allows advertisers to go back 3, 6, even 12 months ago and share your ads directly with your customers. A new opportunity is playing a key role in marketing that is saving businesses time, money, and offering a smart strategy for companies looking to target consumers and connect with them at the perfect time and place: device ID targeting. Simply put, DID allows advertisers to reach people based on their current and past locations -including those who visit your business.

People are using their smartphones and tablets more than ever, and at least 90% of that time is spent on mobile apps. Now that smartphones have taken over the previously desktop-centered world, cookies are no longer the only way of reaching your real customers in real time. Ever see someone without a smartphone? Me neither. And mobile devices are rarely shared by multiple users. Majority of the time, only the owner is using the device. For advertisers, this means that tracked device usage usually corresponds to a single person. The resulting DID profile is likely to be a lot more accurate than it is for a desktop computer that may have two or more different people using it regularly.

Best of all, because DIDs represent smartphones used by actual humans, opportunities for fraud & bots are dramatically reduced. Advertisers can even determine when a person who has bought an item, in-store or online, was influenced by online advertising. That’s huge.

So while we don’t have a time-machine (yet!), we do have the technology to target customers who have previously visited not just your business but your competitors as well. And just because customers allow you to collect data doesn’t mean that all our marketing problems are solved, it’s up to us to make the best of it.

I’m willing to bet your phone is within your arm’s length right now. We are always happy to answer more questions and even share results of partners using this channel successfully. You are welcome to connect with one of our strategists at 602-258-1073 or via email at [email protected]